About Me - Hayley K Photography

My life for those that know nothing of me.

I was born in rural Australia, which I was raised in also. I would not want that any other way. This life that I had when I grew up, will be one that I treasure always. I am one in a family of six. With my parents, a brother, sister and twin sister, I have many memories to share, or to reserve. These memories are more special to me than anything. And, I must add now, my family is a big part of my photographic life, from supporters to models to inspiration. I will always need them for my best photographic practice.

As for my practice, I realised my passion for photography when I was half way through high school. I have continued, and worked at always improving in this, both creatively and technically. As of lately, I have also been trying very carefully to implement meaning and cause into what I do, to help advocate for a bigger picture. I'm finding this way of thinking extremely difficult, but satisfying at the same time. There is no point in creating something amazing, with no use or meaning to anyone.  

I try to explore every type of photography out there too, aiming to increase not only my knowledge, but the amount that I can contribute to the world and people I am photographing for. I love what I do and want everyone to be able to see that. I want to create work that people can treasure and look back on; something that is both wonderful and creative, and also meaningful and storytelling in a sense.

As for my photography, I have created one major work that will always be one of my favourites in my eyes. 'Emancipation', which I created in 2014, refers to the society we live in, and the bonds and restrictions society put on us. It relates to how this effects us, and how it is our aim to break out of those bonds that restrict us. This series has had a lot of success, from local exhibitions, to a single image from it being digitally exhibited in the Blue Berlin Art Gallery in Germany, 2017. I am very proud of this work, and wish to create many more that are outstanding, whilst profoundly effective to the audience emotionally at the same time.  

I have also recently had a lot of success regarding my 2017 work, 'Exposed', and 'The Featured Assault'. I was awarded 6th place in the Australian Photographer of the Year, in the Black and White category with my series Exposed, displaying the unusual body and the way people become unfamiliar with certain aspects of the body. These series success also led to being awarded with the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts prize. This was a great honour to be awarded such a scholarship , as it just reiterates how important photography is, and that there are others that see that my work means a lot to me, and also society. 

I hope that the work I do and the work you see, you are inspired by and love, as that is my one true aim.

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